Wazifa to Convince Parents or Someone for Love Marriage


Get Islamic Wazifa To Convince Someone 

Wazifa are well-tested Islamic procedures told by expert astrologers to help people in getting rid of their problems. Every day is not same. We might get good news today but maybe a troubled one, tomorrow. Things keep on changing and we cannot completely control them. Everything happens with Allah’s will. Allah (swt) loves us dearly and that is why, The Holy Book Quran was brought down for us from heavens to help us finding solutions for every little problem that we face in our day to day lives. It even has procures and Islamic wazifa to convince someone, which can help you in controlling the choices of people.

Wazifa to convince someone can help you in getting a desired partner, desired job, admission in favorite college, an important project, etc. everything that you need will get easy for you with this wazifa to convince people. For instance, if you are a girl and you like someone and have a good intention to marry him and keep him and his family happy, forever. But, you are doubtful that whether the guy and his family would like to build relation with you or your family. Then, this wazifa to convince someone for marriage is your best friend under such circumstances. You can practice the wazifa for convince boy for marriage to fill the heart of the person with love for you.

Wazifa To Convince Someone Boy For Marriage

If you are a Muslim boy and you wish to marry a Muslim girl and have good intentions to keep her happy and safe, then this wazifa to convince someone for marriage is a well tested Islamic procedure that can help you out in solving this problem. If you are a non-Muslim and wish to marry a Muslim girl or boy, then you must convert into Islam then only the wazifa to convince someone for marriage can help you effectively.


The wazifa for convince boy for marriage can be used by parents as well. For instance, you have a son who is not ready to get married with anyone or maybe your son wants to marry someone who is not good enough for him for example a non-Muslim girls, etc. Under such circumstances, as a parent you cannot give up on your child. Hence, the wazifa for convince boy for marriage can help you in changing your son’s mind. He will with time understand your views and respect them. If you are in trouble that your daughter or son is not ready to marry the person, you think is perfect for him or her, then the wazifa to convince someone for marriage must be practiced by you to achieve instant solution for your problems.


Many times, we find out ideal match but are unable to make our parents understand our decisions. Such problems can create a big obstacle in your way to marry your desired partner. If your desired partner is Muslim and loves you dearly, then there is no harm in marrying him or her. But, most of us fail at convincing our parents for love marriage and their approval is very important. You can practice the Wazifa to Convince Parents for Love Marriage to solve your problems.

Here’s the most effective Wazifa to Convince Parents for Love Marriage

  • Create a fresh Wazu,
  • Place a Ja-namaaz,
  • Collect some Gulab jal or Rose water in a utensil and keep it over the ja-namaaz,
  • Now sit over the ja-namaz and think about your parents & the person you wish to marry,
  • Keep reciting “Ya Wadoodo” (110 times),
  • Now, pray to change the mind of your parents.

Keep repeating this procedure for next 40 days, to get good news.

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