Powerful Dua For Lost love To Come Back

Dua For Someone Who Lost A Loved One

Powerful Dua For Lost Love

Do you miss your ex-lover? Do you still crave for his/ her love? Do you wish to bring them back into your life? If yes, then it is very important that you pray to Allah talah for this. You should recite powerful dua for lost love to win the love of your ex-lover and bring him/ her back in your life. The dua has helped a lot of lover start a new life with their ex-lovers. It will change the mind of your lover and fill their heart with love and affection once again for you.

Dua For Love To Come Back

With time, your emotions and feelings for your lover get stronger and this is why we fail to give up on them when they leave us. If your lover has left you and gone because he/ she no longer wants to continue the relationship with you, then you should recite dua for someone who lost a loved one. The dua will bring that person back to you. If you are devastated by the fact that your lover no longer wants to be with you, then practice dua for someone who lost a loved one to bring him/ her back in your life.

Dua For Someone Who Lost A Loved One

If you see your friend, brother, sister or dear one troubled because they cannot bear the pain of their breakup, then you can recite dua for someone who lost a loved one on their behalf. Insha Allah, the Almighty will listen to your dua and bring that person back in the life of your dear one. Losing someone to death is one thing, but losing someone who doesn’t want to be with you is literally painful. You should recite dua for love to come back to make them come back to you with same love and affection.

Dua For Love To Come Back

If your ex-lover is in a relationship with someone else and he/ she doesn’t want to come back to you, then dua for love to come back will be of great help to you. It will rejuvenate your love in their heart and they will start missing you in their life. And, Insha Allah, very soon they will breakup and come back to you. You can get the dua for love to come back from our molvi sb. Feel free to share your relationship problem and we assure you that all your details will be kept discreet.

Powerful Dua For Lost Love

Powerful dua for lost love:

Recite the verse of Surah Taha 39 to 41 given below 101 times after performing the obligatory prayer of the night.

“Wa Al KaitaAlaikaMahabbatanMinniWalaTusNaa’aaAlaAiniIzTamshi FataKulu Hal AdulLukumAla Man Yak FuluhuFa Ra Jaa’NakaIlaUmmika Kai TakarraAinuhaWalaTakhZanaWaKatal Ta NafsanFaNajJainakaMinalGammiWaFatannaFutu Nan FalaBistaMineena Fi AhliMadyana Summa Ji’taAlaKadarinYaMoosa Was Tana’atuka Li Nafsin”

Keep reciting it till your lover comes back. But if you don’t see any signs in a month, then speak to our molvi sb. about it.


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