Dua For Success in Job Application and Promotion

Dua For Success in Job Application

Dua can make a life and it can destroy a life. Yes, there is a lot of power in the dua you make to Allah Talah. However, you should do it with utmost purity in your heart. Often people pray to get success in their business and job. If you have applied for job application and you want to get selected in it, then you should make dua for success in job application and Insha Allah, your application will get accepted and you will get the call letter.

Dua For Success in Job Application

It is very annoying and depressing for a person to keep on appearing for interviews but get no job. If you are going for interviews continuously but not getting any job, then you should practice dua for success in job application. The dua is very efficient and has the power to make you capable for the job.

The interviewers will love your profile and accept you for the job position immediately. You will not have to go to any other door. Dua for success in job application will help you get your desired job in just days. Keep reciting the dua and Insha Allah, your desired job position will be yours.

Success in Job Application and Promotion

Dua for Job Promotion

If you are working on a particular post for years and your boss is not giving you any promotion or hike, then you should practice dua for job promotion. The dua will help you convince your boss about your talent and he will promote you to a higher position. Indeed, Allah knows what’s best for you. All you need to do is pray for the things you desire in life and Insha Allah, the Almighty will bless you with anything and everything in your fate. Dua for job promotion will help you get a promotion, salary hike and higher respect in your office.

Dua For Success in Job

A number of times you feel miserable working at the same place, under the same boss and living the same life. If you want to give your life a boost and get a hike in your job, then get the dua for success in job. You can acquire the dua from our molvi sb. Only Allah Talah can solve and end all your miseries. If you are tired of your boring job, then plead and recite dua for success in job and surely very soon your life will change. You will get incentives, higher job position, more respect and higher salary in your job.

Do not give up and recite dua for success in job with firm faith and devotion. Allah Talah never disappoints those who believe in Him. Recite the dua for job promotion given below:

Rabbi Ad Khilni Mu KhalaSidkiuWaAkhrijniMukhrajaSidkiuWaj Al Li Mil La DunkaSultanan Naseer

By Paak Dua Specialist Wazir Ali Khan Ji

Make ablution and go to your office. Recite this dua 300 times at your work place and Insha Allah, your boss will change. He will promote you and raise your salary. You will get incentives and respect at your work place and your life will become better. 

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